Join us for the first ever GIVING BACK SUMMIT - 2021 (February 1st  - 21st February) brought to you all by Ramana's Garden & Friends.  Giving Back Summit is about uniting as ONE, irrespective of your culture, colour and creed together in a one-world  family. Together, let's join hands & expand global consciousness; share love, evolve, give back, heal and bring healing to the planet collectively.

Connect with world renowned spiritual leaders & gurus, conscious yogis and paradigm-shifters from every part of the world. Whether you are already undergoing a personal transformation or are in search of transformation, whether you are already an active co-creator of your own divine life or you would like to become one – this event is for all!  Befriend a community that becomes family for life.


Join us for 21 days of immersion, experience & celebration. From Music, Yoga, Ayurveda & healing workshops to teachings from spiritual leaders, evolutionary thought leaders, and wellness experts from around the world, this is a beautiful opportunity to learn, grow and heal together during this pandemic. Awaken to the best version of yourself and ignite your inner light and connect with yourself.


Ramana’s Garden offers the vision that every child, regardless of caste or creed, has the right to a home, proper nutrition, quality education and primary health care. Many children do not have these basic necessities. Ramana’s Garden offers a sanctuary for these children and support for the ladies of the community. Learn more here.

"In these difficult times coming together to share in community, in family, in tribe, is essential to uplift and inspire each other. Singing our song together, expanding our vision ,and sharing wisdom is our way to share our love and gratitude with you all".

-Dr. Prabhavati Dwabha